Friday, August 5, 2011

don't call it a come back

...but i came back.

not that i really left. i've still been working toward the same goal, but a myriad--a plethora, even--of things have kept me from blogging about it. i had some computer issues which was pretty much sucksauce. and then i had to travel for work for a bit. and then there was other stuff.

like Comic Con! which was so super fun. i met so many amazing people i'd only previously known through the internets--including some really inspiring authors like tahereh mafi, laini taylor, stephanie perkins, andrea cremer, kiersten white, nathan bransford, and amanda hocking. it was a code fangirl situation. they were all so gracious and sweet, and i'm still a little tingly at the notion that i got to have an actual conversation with the people who have been so inspirational over the past year or so.

i wish i'd gotten some pictures with them, but turns out all i got were me posing with a cheesetastic grin with random people in costumes. and legos.

can you see how terrified i am?

i may have had ulterior motives for this one...
welcome to the gun show.

so yeah. that happened.

also. remember that post where i talked about how ALLL BYYYY MYYYYYSEEEELLLLF i was feeling in my n00b status in the writerly world? well, i fixed that. i wrangled up some of the best women i know--some right where i am, some way ahead, some on the cusp of some REALLY EXCITING THINGS OMG--and we formed White Blank Page. (Ten points if you get the reference.)

i am so lucky to have these other five talented women in my corner. they are endlessly inspiring in their critiques, encouragement, commiseration and ass kicking. having accountability partners and a support system in this process has done wonders not only for my motivation, but my self-esteem. i know they won't let me fail, and more... i know that with them at my side, failure isn't possible.

and i won't even try to lie, seeing my name in the acknowledgments when they all become super famous NYT bestsellers won't hurt my feelings either.


as a little blogwarming gift, if you will, i am also holding a contest over at White Blank Page to win my signed ARC of Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor. it is amaaaaazing. it's the kind of story--like the classic, epic fantasies before it--that is meant to be enjoyed by many, and for many years to come. and now, YOU can enjoy it more than a month before it hits bookshelves.

all you have to do is comment on this post here, telling me your all-time favorite book and why. and boom. entered. 

please do it. even though giving away my copy makes me a little sad (my friends live in there!) i am also so excited to have the opportunity to share Laini's words with someone else. it's a truly unique and absolutely breathtaking story. 

so, there's that.


Ryan Ferrier said...

Glad you had fun at sdcc. It was a great time this year.

Also, I did horrible, immoral things for a Hunger Games pin, which I see you wearing as well.

tonya said...

Thanks, Ryan! SDCC is always a good time. It's the only place I get to sit at the cool kids' table.

What were these horrible, immoral things? I feel like I missed out on an experience, since I just had a friend grab one for me.

Ryan Ferrier said...

A grown man begging and grovelling in front of a woman dressed as what I can only describe to be a medieval She-Ra. The scene once I finally received the pin, was equally as disturbing.

tonya said...

I think I saw a movie like that once...

Ryan Ferrier said...

Should they make a movie based on my life, I demand they cut this scene out. But then it would just be My Dinner With Andre, but if Andre didn't show up and instead of dinner it was 4 granola bars while hitting refresh in gmail.

Forgive me, I'm rambling. Comic-Con! Lego Boba Fett!

tonya said...

Granola bars are underrated. So many possibilities. Nutritious AND delicious. And so compact! I could go on.

Lego Boba Fett was a highlight, to be sure. Try not to feel too bad that you didn't get your picture taken with him. After all, I apparently missed out on She-Ra.

Ryan Ferrier said...

I agree. The astronauts don't seem to have it too bad, honestly.

Great blog :)

tonya said...

thank you, sir! :)